Maya Escobar Jewish Girls

Maya Escobar is a performance artist, Internet curator, and editor. She uses the web as a platform for engaging in critical community dialogues that concern processes by which identities are socially and culturally constructed. She performs multiple identities, sampling widely from online representations of existing cultural discourses. Her identifications as a Latina-Jewish artist, breastfeeding mama, promotional model, fitness enthusiast, activist and educator are indexed by the blogs she keeps, the visual and textual links she posts, the books, articles, and blog posts she cites, the public comments she leaves, and the groups she joins.

Escobar received her MFA from the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts, Washington University in St. Louis, and her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She has exhibited work in Spain, Guatemala, United States, Germany, Venezuela, and Chile.

5 thoughts on “about

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  2. Very nice website. esta excellente!
    My wife is Jewish and I am Latino so our kids will have a similar point of reference in life.

    keep doing what you do

    Julio Montero

  3. hi,

    i still like your website. and yu are still linked to it. do you really have a tattoo of frida on your arm? should i take one of anais nin on mine? maybe we can both take another one of our obsession.

    should i write the name of my woman teacher on the website, saying i still ove her? what do you think?

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