AM I her or is she ME: The Chronicles of The Fat Free Elotera

The Fat Free Elotera is a (developing) character on Are You My Other? The Battle Between The Self and The Other, an ongoing self-portrait dialog exchange project, produced by myself (ME) and Philadelphia-based performance and installation artist Andria Morales (AM).  Through a series of weekly exchanged blog posts,  Andria and I publicly negate, deconstruct, and reconstruct our individual histories, identities, and conceptions of self.

The Fat Free Elotera

Click on images below to experience the creation of our latest persona.
The Fat Free Elotera with Frida Kahlo Sunglasses
Mas Maiz

My Elotes Cart
The Fat Free Elotera Challenge

Are You My Other? Block Party
elotera xmas

7 thoughts on “AM I her or is she ME: The Chronicles of The Fat Free Elotera

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  4. several reminders:

    mom’s a breast cancer survivor.
    sister and cousin uplifted her spirit during chemo by donning her wigs {photo archived in an actual album}.
    tainted milk scandal.
    emaciated cows.
    red heifers.
    kindness to animals and insects.
    assorted maritime beef.
    shanghai{landers} and manila{ners}.
    burning red eyes of shackled oxen
    worried sick about south-west.

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