Joanna Angel: Jews & Tattoos

  • Adult film superstar Joanna Angel pokes holes at the myth that Jewish faith won’t allow you to go to heaven if you have tattoos — and Joanna’s got quite a few — during the Wild Ass Circus’ trip to Las Vegas for the 2008 AVN Awards

One thought on “Joanna Angel: Jews & Tattoos

  1. Joanna’s wrong about mothers having made up the rule. Perhaps that she asked someone not as familiar with the specifics. To have actually committed a sin, you had to have known you were sinning, plus done it voluntarily. Holocaust victims were not willing participants. Basically, they did not imprint the tattoo, the nazi in the camp did. The two cases are not comparable. But the Bible reference she is making is pretty easy to find online (Leviticus 19:28). There’s also another law against deliberately wounding yourself (Deuteronomy 25:3), but the it’s the first verse which explicitly bans tattooing.

    In any case, you can still be buried in a Jewish cemetery, especially if you were tattooed against your will. The case of a Holocaust victim and a Jewish dude who voluntarily gets a tattoo, are totally different. Both of those cases are extremely different from someone knowing he is doing something wrong and still going out to get a tattoo.

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