Obsessed With Frida Kahlo

obsessed with frida kahlo, 2007

el es frida kahlo, 2007

part of the piece I did for d[x]i magazine on the commodification of Frida Kahlo

auto retrato, 2003


frida painting, 2007

frida puppets, 2007

In search of the #1 Frida Kahlo fan in the World

PROVE IT answer the following questions:

When did you fall in love with Frida?

Why do you admire her?

What trivia do you know about Frida Kahlo?

How many and what Frida objects do you own? (prints of her work, t-shirts, mugs, wall hangings, toothbrushes, etc…)

please leave a written comment, submit photos, or a video response
Dressed as Frida

Still from Forever Frida
Frida KahloFrida Kahlo @ Fiddlehead Fest.me dressed as frida kahlo at work

RachelFrida03Alter EgoMe As Frida Kahlo 1

Davina as FridaFrida KahloFrida Kahlo's 100th Birthday

21 thoughts on “Obsessed With Frida Kahlo

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  5. When did you fall in love with Frida?
    It’s not so much of when… I didnt have to love her from years back to understand what it is to fall in love with Frida Kahlo… but to get a a specific date a time… I would say… age 14, freshmon year in High School… Her art helped me get over my fisrt heart break… seeing how strong and relialistic her paintings are… made me relate to being aware of the hard aches of love even from your soulmate… Then thast when not only her art moved me and made me want to become a better and greater individual in life… but seeing how brilliant of a person, a woman she was and always will be! To love Frida Kahlo… you have to understand Frida Kahlo.

    Why do you admire her?
    many reasons that can take me hours to fully explain but one of many would be… her desire for love… Im a romantic and love strives me… love, hurt… passion. And also the fact that I am a art lover… she was amazing and brillaint in so many levels.

    What trivia do you know about Frida Kahlo?
    lot’s… but I’m sure someone that can easily read up on her and have a great memory to remember all of it can easily know more than me… I know myself more than anyone… Im sure no one knows her more than herself… I know quite a lot to make a opinion of the great individual she was.

    How many and what Frida objects do you own? (prints of her work, t-shirts, mugs, wall hangings, toothbrushes, etc…)
    I don’t think it matters much…
    but… quite a few.
    From replica paintings (8) pins (4) necklaces Ive made with her portraits (6) Mirror’s (2) Books (4) Postcards (5) Shirts Ive made with a Frida Kahlo Stencil (7) random gifts from people (4) Posters (4) Frames with artwork (5)
    Replica paintings Ive painted along my house and bedroom… and my frida Kahlo tattoo’s by my fantastic tattoo artist.

    heres two pictures.



    PICTURE :2



  6. Frida represents to me, one of the group of “firsts” that were thinking outside “The Box”. She and Diego, were not afraid of being “communist” and doing what they could to end the reign of Capitalisim. I actually think that Frida’s image should be everywhere, and yes, like Che. Even though it seems like their image has now been reduced to consumerism, it serves an important purpose, as it implants the sleeping masses with their ideals and ideas. These women and men who were genius, christ like, and evolutionary through revolutionary actions and art. I am suprised at how many people do not know who Frida was, unless they saw the movie. This ignorance can change though, through artistic expressions and images everywhere. I have done a controversal Mural recently of Frida, Diego in the background and other elemnts such as “Plant Teachers”, Agave and what I believe to be Latin American treasures that are gifts to this sorry world that sorely needs to awaken. I absolutely Love Frida’s Art and what she stood for. I also Love Maya’s works and thoughts on this suject. You have a burning spirit Maya, much like Frida’s! Go for it and never be slowed by people complaints. Frida was not only a “National Treasure”, or a “Latin American Treasure”, She was another one of those gifts to the world…for those that have eyes to see and ears to hear. My photos of the mural and other paintings are on MySpace site, under pics. I may send them in for you to post…unless people would be offended, such as our local evangelicals because a “Breast” is exposed. Anyway thankyou for your Art, and energies Maya……………….Lane Cosner

  7. I am a mixed media artist who loves FRIDA! She inspires me to create Art! I just got back from Coyoacan, Mexico. I will be selling all my things including my house to move to Mexico!
    I love your work! Thanks Ana

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  10. I wanted to give a shout out as I am half Jewish (father) and Latin (mother) and there are few of us around. Your video clips on Ning go where others fear to tread. Yes there are stereotypes and yes there are truths to every stereotype you are not fearful to explore. Blending the two to show the dichotomy and sometimes the similarities where they intersect based on your unique heritage. I am also a Frida fane (her father was a European Jew I am sure you know). I own a Frida pendant, pin, earrings and a bracelet I gave away. I also do some art but have never broached the subject matter of my heritage. It has been confusing more than enriching. Many odd circumstances in my parents lives led to my feeling this way. Will keep tabs on your ongoing work. You may want to visit this site (I talk about my experiences in one of the posts):http://pub2.bravenet.com/forum/132853333/

  11. My Spanish teacher told us about Frida and showed us some of her paintings. So I read a biography that the Selma movie in 2002 is based upon and fell in love with Frida right away. I think that’s ok ‘cuz Diego re-married. Anyway, good luck on your video – it sounds like a much needed perspective. Let’s see your paintings. lol, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.

  12. i think when your not a white male in the arts your work is going to be subjected to being seen as “identity” work, as to conceptual. now i think, that your work, (that i have seen, in all medias), and every other latino/a artist, who have come across this. is very much about who you are and how you see yourself, and how you think other preceive you. and while you may not want to be compared to her, you are making work with a similar concept.

  13. i don’t think it credits me as the #1 frida fan in the world by any stretch, but her painting that you have posted here is on my myspace page (don’t laugh, i am forced to be in front of this computer all day, and alone. anyway…). so i thought i’d say hello. -kathryn

  14. I don’t see a problem with Frida on my morning coffee mug at all; in fact, I have plans to put my own art on mugs.

    I hope it’s okay to post a pic of one of my Frida portraits here: (hmmm, will this work?)

    Viva Frida!

  15. I LOVE Frida, it is the only Mexican artist that I know and appreciate (her husband sucks). However, buying mugs?!! are you kidding me? I feel nauseous whenever I see Monet napkings and paper towels ’cause I think it trivializes their greatness.

    Now, Kinkade stuff they can print on toilet paper for all I care. 🙂

  16. Hi, just found this group . I’ll be mostly posting pics, since I don’t have a lot of time to chat in groups.

    I fell in love with Frida after reading “The Brush Of Anguish” and my fixation has skyrocketed into Frida Everything! I began to paint her portraits in 2003, and have sold countless pieces.

    I have tons of Frida art, books, videos, articles… around my house and have met many very cool online friends due to Frida. I am actually having my first art exhibit as we speak and it’s about Latin art. All of my pieces in the show are Frida related.

    Trivia? the other day I was quite surprised to know (I think I read in a book but can’t remember the title right now) that after she died, people swear that she was getting goosebumps on her skin as people approached to kiss her in the casket – a few things happened in that aspect that Diego made sure to ask the doctor to cut one of her arteries to make sure there was no blood flow.

    Also, that right at the moment of her cremation, before going into the fire, she literally sat down. Many people witnessed this and were shocked.

    How’s that for haunting trivia? 😉

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