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How does it feel to be called a JAP?

Now I am asking you to participate. Hopefully viewing these images has caused you to question if and when similar stereotypes have been applied to you or those around you. Please take the time to share your experiences by clicking on any of the dolls to submit your response.

Escobar_Maya_02.pngEscobar_Maya_03 .pngEscobar_Maya_04.pngEscobar_Maya_05.pngEscobar_Maya_06.png

I have included a section with guiding questions. If you have more you would like to submit post them here

Please feel free but not limited to answering the following questions regarding each doll:

Is there any truth to this description?

Are all of these things negative?

What is the origin of this stereotype?

What is a _________ really like?

What does this stereotype leave unsaid?

5 thoughts on “your responses

  1. 1. It depends. The stereotypes could represent a variety of things (and not mutually exclusive of each other): societal, self-imposed or peer-driven expectations for yourself; projections of aspects of your own identity (current of past); or amalgamations of personality traits you have encountered.
    2. No they aren’t all negative. You have created four personalities – four different people. As cliche as it is to say it, there is is beauty and sadness in each of them. Plus, negative is so subjective – as exemplified by Ricardo’s comment.
    3. Individual experiences. Stereotypes are essentially a misguided attempt to categorize the infinite number of individual identities (as shaped by an infinite number of sets of experiences) out there.
    4. Unanswerable. The question itself perpetuates stereotypes. On the other hand, whether intentional or not, it is a inviting way to gauge the stereotypes your readers have.
    5. The truth.

    good work though.

  2. To me, these look like exaggerated interpretations of stereotypes that do exist. I have witnessed girls like The JAP first hand, and they come across to me like mindless drones. In fact, all of these girls are portrayed in a way that makes them look like they are machines. They are literal representations of existing stereotypes, but no stereotype can make anyone SO stuck in one certain way of being. These video’s help bring to light the stereotypes that do exist, but I wouldn’t say that anyone out there actually behaves like the girls in any of these videos.

    1. Yes, there is some truth to the description.
    2. Yes. For sure.
    3. High School.
    4. These different types of girls are pretty much the way they’re shown in the videos, just not so exaggerated.
    5. In some cases, it leaves nothing unsaid, because some people are so brainwashed that they really do behave like that most of the time. However, for some people, what it leaves unsaid is that they act like that only around their friends, or in public, because they want to have a certain image of themselves.

    It’s kind of hard to answer these questions, cause the questions sound as if they’re referring to only one of the videos, and i’m trying to correspond to all 5 of them.

  3. Very tough questions.

    1. There is an uninformed truth about them if that makes sense.
    2. The sexy latina is never negative for me for obvious reasons. The Mayan is not negative for me but interesting and informative as it’s a culture I don’t know much about. The rest I have seen much too often and they scare me.
    3.None of these dolls are really like what we make them out to be. But even so many still scare me.
    4. The stereotype leaves no account for a persons individuality. This is a big mistake. but the chac, Orthodox Jew and JAP will always scare me.

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