How does it feel to be called a JAP?

Please take this as an opportunity to let your voice be heard.

I welcome anyone who would like to offer a response online, either written or in the form of a video blog. Remember that the acciones plásticas videos are not the stereotypes themselves, they are women who have be affected by their presence.

I will continuously update this post with videos as they are submitted. “How does it feel to be called a _____?” Feel free, (but not limited) to respond to the stereotypes I have presented. Use this as an opportunity to share your own experiences.

If you are an educator takes this as an opportunity to discuss these issues with your students. I am in the process of developing curriculum for presenting acciones plásticas in the classroom.

while the “youtube” video blogs are played on a reel.

Orthodox Jew JAP Chach Sexy Latina

The public will be invited to respond, by altering the text accompanying each doll. Over the course of the exhibition the original cards displaying the stereotype will be replaced by the new cards with altered text.

Your video responses will be incorporated into the reel.

From the show

Now I am asking you to participate. Hopefully viewing these images has caused you to question if and when similar stereotypes have been applied to you or those around you. Please take the time to share your experiences by clicking on any of the dolls to submit your response.

Escobar_Maya_02.pngEscobar_Maya_03 .pngEscobar_Maya_04.pngEscobar_Maya_05.pngEscobar_Maya_06.png

I have included a section with guiding questions. If you have more you would like to submit post them here

Please feel free but not limited to answering the following questions regarding each doll:

Is there any truth to this description?

Are all of these things negative?

What is the origin of this stereotype?

What is a _________ really like?

What does this stereotype leave unsaid?

brenda still

Jewish Stereotypes

Bitch Magazine Aritcle

13 thoughts on “How does it feel to be called a JAP?

  1. I am an Ortodox, Jewish, young woman. And yeah, I hate the stereotype.

    Is there any truth to this description?

    A little, I mean, I do have very strict guidelines for my life and I don’t have te expectations of a “normal” teenager. Men in Orthodoxy have also not always treated women the best, but come on – until 50 years ago i was the same all over. So yeah, there is a litle bit of truth in this stereotype.

    Are all of these things negative?

    No, certainly not – at least not in my eyes – but I guess its all in the eyes of te beholder. I LOVE my place in my religion, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

    What is the origin of this stereotype?

    Probably from people looking at Orthodox women and drawing assumptions without trying to understand.

    What is a _________ really like?

    The same as any young woman out there. I’m a teenager and I have teenage issues. I have crushes on boys who I won’t be allowed to date for years. I have tons of issues. BUT, at the same time, I think by being a frum (another word for orthodox – lit. pious) Jew, I actually enhance my life. I get to live in a constant CLOSE relationshi with G-d. And my religion lets me really be free!

    What does this stereotype leave unsaid?

    How women in Orthodoxy are NORMAL. We are still women. And I tink thats what EVERY stereotype leaves unsaid!

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  3. Hey how come none of the “Stereotypes” have big noses?

    (by the way, I like the “Latina” one cause shes a set of amazingly large cans)

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  7. Ah, taking the bull by the horns. If I were only closer to Chicago I’d swing by for this. A bold creative endeavor and I hope it provokes and helps chip away at these stereotypes. Give ’em hell Maya.

  8. maya,

    i have one.
    its real short but it may be good for you.

    ” what does it feel like to be called a bitch?”

    “it feels like i’m being in total control of myself. besides, oppinions are like assholes…everybody has one.”

  9. I don’t have much time, but wanted to share my input…Love your videos by the way!

    How does it feel to be called a JAP?

    I feel being called a JAP is a wonderful thing- it brings me closer to my Grandmother. All these years she has referred to me as her little JAP and I take nothing but pride in it. We have long conversations regarding the bad stigmatism associated with the term JAP and how we want nothing more than to make it positive.

    By first glance, one would assume I am a JAP in all ways, getting out of my black BMW with my trunk size Louis Vuitton in hand, big Chanel sunglasses and small 8lb Yorkie wearing clothes. But to be honest, the assumption is correct- I am in no way cut out for work nor do I enjoy the pay checks that come with it. For fun I used to work in hair salons so I could be pampered all day long- then I got annoyed of the older women who felt I did not deserve nor need the expensive items I had at the time. The fact that I left for South America then New York didn’t help much either. I quit that job as soon as I got back from New York due to my energy being drained from jealous women.

    I would prefer to go to school for the remainder of my life and be a very well educated Mother for my children that I hope to have. If that ever got to be too much, volunteering brings me joy. Yes I did rely on my Father a lot growing up and he is the reason why I was never sent off to boarding school- but now I am actually working and spending my own money. Does it make a difference? No.

    Not too go back on your thesis about these stereotypes being untrue, for me, I am a proud JAP and will continue to be.

    You can check out my whole myspace page and see for yourself- Just type in my first and last name.

    Have a great day.


  10. Hello,

    I am an 50+ beautiful Jewish woman who considers that being a JAP is very strerotype. We are a group of powerful woman who have businesses and enjoyes the Arts and culture of our society. Our own Jewish society creates as a Woman of Valor.

    That is Who I Am A Woman OF VALOR
    who loves her family and is highly creative.

    so, stop by an see who I am!
    Holistic Art By Shayna Bracha farber
    Creator of Harmohy FusionWave Awareness-TM
    Harmony for the Art of the SOUL!

    blessings and Bracha SHEM!

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