The JAP©

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click here for Kol Ra’ash Gadol’s critque on Jewschool about this piece.

When Maya Escobar uses this stereotype she may be either mocking it or indulging it – or both – that’s one of the dangers of comedy. She clearly thinks that she’s mocking it, and attempting to provide a conversation starter (Okay, Maya, so here I am starting a conversation: Kol hakavod!) But even in her attempts to mock the stereotypes that have been projected onto her (and let’s be clear the chach and the sexy latina aren’t any better!), I have to wonder about those who are watching the comedy, and whether it helps them reject – or accept- those experiences in which they met a person onto whom they themselves projected such a label. “After all, how can she “nail the JAP” if there’s no JAP to be nailed, if the JAP happens to simply be a person whom one dislikes upon meeting, but no more likely a Jew than a Lutheran? In order for it to confirm that glorious feeling, one has to have a little sense that there is something about being Jewish and female that attaches to that kind of behavior, n’est ce pas?

she offers the following links
an exerpt from Dr. Evelyn Torton Beck’s essay “From ‘Kike to Jap’:How misogyny, anti-semitism, and racism construct the Jewish American Princess.”
bibliography of the analysis of the JAP stereotype

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6 thoughts on “The JAP©

  1. This doll scares the crap outta me. And frighteningly enough, there are people who are very much like this in real life.

    I live in an area where there are no jewish girls what so ever, and I really wish there were some around here, because whenever i’ve met jewish girls, they’ve always been smarter and more sophisticated than non-jewish girls. I think that for a girl to become like The JAP, she has to be influenced by her peers and by other negative influences. I have to say, this stereotype is accurate for the people it’s trying to portray, but most jewish girls are not like that at all.

  2. her character represents americana. to think that only jewish woman act in this manner is just plain ignorant racism! latin woman are such an easy target she must take her focus elsewhere. her self hatred is obvious ;0)

  3. Yep. If I had a nickel for every time a parent wanted to set me up with a daughter that was like this at shul.

    I usually run away. Also my Rabbi is cool and is my wing man.

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